Henning Hintzsche
Prof. Dr. Henning Hintzsche
  • Institut für Ernährungs- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften
  • toxicology
  • food science
The research of the AG Hintzsche focuses on detrimental effects of substances found in food. These substances can be of various origins, e.g. contaminants, residues, additives or natural ingredients. Different toxicological methods are being employed with an emphasis on the analysis of DNA damage and DNA repair. The aim is to better understand mechanisms of genotoxic effects and identify strategies for protective measures against such effects. Furthermore, we aim at developing novel approaches for regulatory risk assessment in toxicology.
Ausgewählte Publikationen

Reimann H, Stopper H, Polak T, Lauer M, Herrmann MJ, Deckert J, Hintzsche H (2020) Micronucleus frequency in buccal mucosa cells of patients with neurodegenerative diseases. Scientific Reports, 10: p. 22196

Reimann H, Ngo QA, Stopper H, Hintzsche H (2020) Cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay of celecoxib and celecoxib derivatives. Toxicology Reports 7: 1588-1591

Reimann H, Stopper H, Hintzsche H (2020) Long term fate of etoposide‑induced micronuclei and micronucleated cells in Hela‑H2B‑GFP cells. Archives of Toxicology 94: 3553-3561

Hintzsche H, Hemmann U, Poth A, Utesch D, Lott J, Stopper H (2017) Fate of micronuclei and micronucleated cells. Reviews in Mutation Research 771: p.85-98

Henning Hintzsche
Prof. Dr. Henning Hintzsche
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