Florian I. Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Florian I. Schmidt
  • Institute of Innate Immunity
  • viral infection
  • immune signaling
  • nanobodies
The Schmidt lab seeks to uncover molecular mechanisms of the inflammatory response against pathogens. To gain unique insights into protein function, we use custom-made camelid nanobodies to perturb, visualize and ultimately understand immunological signaling cascades and their effectors in the responding cell types., We employ nanobodies and other molecular tools to investigate how virus infection triggers the assembly of inflammasome complexes in various cell types, including primary cells of the immune system, the skin, and intestinal organoids. To delineate common strategies, we compare the responses to a number of DNA and RNA viruses.
Ausgewählte Publikationen

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Florian I. Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Florian I. Schmidt
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