Elena S. Reckzeh
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Elena S. Reckzeh
TRA Steering Committee
  • Argelander Professor TRA Life and Health
  • Life and Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES)
  • chemical biology
  • metabolism
  • organoids
We use stem cell-derived model systems of the gut (organoids, mini-organs) and colon tumors (tumor-organoids) to study extrinsic and intrinsic influences on nutrient uptake, dependence and flexibility. We are especially interested in key regulators mediating metabolic adaptation. We use our organoid models to find new biologically active substances (compounds) to study metabolic phenomena.
Ausgewählte Publikationen

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Reckzeh ES, Karageorgis G, Schwalfenberg M, Ceballos J, Nowacki J, Stroet MCM, Binici A, Knauer L, Brand S, Choidas A, Strohmann C, Ziegler S, Waldmann H (2019) Inhibition of Glucose Transporters and Glutaminase Synergistically Impairs Tumor Cell Growth. Cell Chem Biol 26:1-15.

Ceballos J*, Schwalfenberg M*, Karageorgis G, Reckzeh ES, Sievers S, Ostermann C, Pahl A, Sellstedt M, Nowacki J, Carnero Corrales MA, Wilke J, Laraia L, Tschapalda K, Metz M, Sehr DA, Brand S, Winklhofer K, Janning P, Ziegler S, Waldmann H (2019) Synthesis of Indomorphan Pseudo‐Natural Product Inhibitors of Glucose Transporters GLUT‐1 and ‐3. Angew Chem Int Ed 58:17016-25. (*equal contribution)

Karageorgis G, Reckzeh ES, Ceballos J, Schwalfenberg M, Sievers S, Ostermann C, Pahl A, Ziegler S, Waldmann H (2018) Chromopynones are “Pseudo Natural Product” Glucose Uptake Inhibitors Targeting Glucose Transporters GLUT-1 and -3. Nat Chem 10:11.

Elena S. Reckzeh
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Elena S. Reckzeh
TRA Steering Committee
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