Birgitta Weltermann
Prof. Dr. Birgitta Weltermann
  • Institut für Hausarztmedizin
  • general practice and family medicine
The institute focusses on developing future strategies for general practice and family medicine. Drawing on methods of the implementation sciences and clinical epidemiology, various topics are addressed: hypertension (cardiovascular health), vaccinations and vaccination management (preventive care), mental health of practice personnel (leadership), social prescribing (social determinants of health). In the projekt "hausarztpraxis 4.0" various it-supported strategies at improving health and health services are developed and evaluated.
Ausgewählte Publikationen

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Thielmann, Puth, Weltermann. Improving knowledge on vaccine storage management in general practices: Learning effectiveness of an online-based program. Vaccine (2020).

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Degen, Linden, et al. Job Satisfaction and Chronic Stress of General Practitioners and Their Teams: Baseline Data of a Cluster-Randomised Trial (IMPROVE job). Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2021.

Birgitta Weltermann
Prof. Dr. Birgitta Weltermann
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