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Geodetic Engineering (Master of Science, Ein-Fach)

Geodetic Engineering (Master of Science, Ein-Fach)

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The new Master's program Geodetic Engineering is dedicated to students with a BSc in Geodesy and Geoinformation or related topics, such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Geosciences, or Electrical Engineering.

It is a full-time program taught entirely in English. The standard period of study is four semesters, including the Master's thesis. The program offers three profiles, covering the main research fields of our institute:

  • Mobile Sensing and Robotics
  • Geodetic Earth System Science and Data Analysis
  • Geoinformation and Spatial Development

The student will choose one area as a major and a second as a minor topic. Depending on the student's interests, the curriculum allows the student to focus almost entirely on one main topic or a broader range of topics.

Graduates will be equipped with skills and tools to recognize and solve geodetic engineering problems. During their studies, they will participate in current research projects. The Master’s program provides an entry qualification for PhD programs.