Seeing Failure as an Opportunity

FuckUp Nights Bonn - Student Edition 

Too much social pressure? Chosen the wrong degree program? Overwhelmed or even expelled from the University? Having doubts about one’s studies has become a widespread phenomenon. This is demonstrated once a year at the FuckUp Nights Bonn – Student Edition (FUN), where courageous speakers talk about their failure to succeed at university, their shattered career plans and what they did next.

Dealing openly with setbacks is an important aspect of the FuckUp Nights: failure is part and parcel of this and can even be a necessary experience in order to reorientate yourself and forge your own path successfully. At the event, the speakers will talk candidly and extremely personally about their own doubts, fears and challenges during their studies. How did they manage to make a new start after supposedly messing up their studies? What did they learn from it? How did their friends, parents and fellow students react?

Timing and registration

Date and time
The next event will take place in winter semester 2022/23.

You do not need to register in advance. Participation is free.

Videos from past events
FUN #3 (2021)
FUN #2 (2020)
FUN #1 (2019)

Looking back: FUN 2019, 2020 and 2021

At the previous FuckUp Nights Bonn – Student Edition #1, #2 and #3, brave speakers told their own personal stories with authenticity, emotion and honesty. When did the doubts begin to creep in? What path did they find for themselves? Did they have any support? And where are they now?

FuckUp Nights Bonn - Student Edition #3
FuckUp Nights Bonn - Student Edition #2
FuckUp Nights Bonn - Student Edition #1

Our speakers from 2021


At the start, it was great: a fantastic master’s that took Şeyma abroad and was going to land her a dual degree. After she returned to Germany, however, everything changed: if you regularly find yourself waking up from uni-related nightmares drenched in sweat, then all your alarm bells should be ringing loudly. And they were, but Şeyma was good at ignoring them. “When I start something, I see it through to the end!” – a sentence that almost broke her.

A story about the great fear of failure, how Şeyma surrendered to it and why it is now her strongest skill.


Should I really keep on going with my studies? I’m always either failing or just passing by the skin of my teeth. Is this really going to bring me fulfillment over the next few years?

After two semesters, Kathrin decided to drop out of university without having a Plan B. So she’s slowly finding her way, although she’s still not sure whether a degree program is even the right thing for her.


First two semesters of chemistry, then a switch to social sciences and finally withdrawing at 28 to do an apprenticeship – despite the coronavirus and the slump in the economy.

Michael has made some tough decisions in tough times.

He’ll tell you how these radical changes came about and how he’s getting on with them at this FuckUp Night.


What do I really want? This is the question that Tanita’s been trying to answer for years.

Influenced by the words of other people, the lack of enough money to move further away and the fear of not having any concrete plans for the future, she embarked on her studies. Then came a change of degree program and a clear career goal: speech therapist. Although her degree program didn’t deliver what it promised, Tanita stuck with it somehow and got a job in the welfare sector. Serious injuries following an assault prompted a period of reorientation. Now she’s back studying, something completely different this time. Let’s see whether it’s the right thing for her.

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