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Termin: 16.04.2019 Uhrzeit: 18:00 ( c.t. ) - 20:00 ( c.t. ) ( Dienstag )

Mongols in China and their Dialect Characteristics


There are approximately 6 million people classified as ethnic Mongols living in China. Most of them liveinInner MongoliaAutonomous Region. Mongols in China still retain their own language and culture; the cultural and linguistic unity of the Mongols has never been broken. However, due to differences in the area of residence, Mongolians in each region are differentregardingtheir dialects and lifestyles. This presentationwill summarize the basic features of Inner Mongolia dialects, and compare them with the linguistic features of theSecret History of the Mongols, which is the largest surviving text of Middle Mongolian, and then also explore the characteristics of middle Mongolian retained by Inner Mongolia dialects.

Zielgruppe: Studenten, Professoren, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter
Alternative/weitere Zielgruppe Alle Interessenten sind herzlich wilkommen
Öffentliche Veranstaltung: Ja
Ort: Hauptgebäude Uni Bonn
Raum: Hörsaal VII
Veranstalter: Prof. Dr. Ines Stolpe