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Termin: 14.05.2019 Uhrzeit: 19:30 - 21:00 ( Dienstag )

Behind the Throne: The Private Life of Queen Victoria

Referent/in: Adrian Tinniswood

What was it like to live with Queen Victoria? The ruler of the largest empire that the world has ever seen was a loving wife to her husband Prince Albert, a remote and harsh mother to their nine children (“as a rule, children are a bitter disappointment,” she confided to her diary), a difficult mistress to the people who worked for her. In a lecture to celebrate the 200th birthday of one of the most famous sovereigns in British history, Adrian Tinniswood explores Victoria’s private life. Above all, he shows how her turbulent personality was an integral part of her greatness as a monarch.


Adrian Tinniswood OBE FSA is the author of fifteen books on social and architectural history. He has worked with a number of heritage organisations including the Heritage Lottery Fund and the National Trust, and is currently Senior Research Fellow in History at the University of Buckingham and Visiting Fellow in Heritage and History at Bath Spa University.

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