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Termin: 20.02.2017 Uhrzeit: 17:00 - 17:00 ( Montag )

Flavan-3-ols and Health - Epidemiological Considerations

Referent/in: Dr. Gunter Kuhnle Food and Nutritional Sciences, Universitiy of Reading, UK

Flavan-3-ols, in particular (-)-epicatechin, are plant bioactive compounds that have long been believed to have beneficial effects on the vascular system; they have even been briefly considered to be a vitamin. In recent years, data from anthropological and dietary intervention studies have supported the claim of a beneficial effect, which has even resulted in an EFSA health claim. Because of the abundance of data available, flavan-3-ols are often considered to be a model compound for the development of dietary recommendations for non-nutrients. However, results are not as unambiguous as often assumed and data from observational studies are much more ambiguous. It is important to understand the reasons for these discrepancies in order to investigate the potential role flavan-3-ols can play in public health nutrition.

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