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The State Prizes and the Initiative Prize for Digitally Aided Teaching 2020

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The state prizes and the initiative price for digitally supported teaching 2020 were inevitably awarded this year under the impact of the pandemic. As always, it was festive this year. was there when the awardees received their certificates and briefly explained what characterizes their highly recognized work.

Prize winners

...of the State Prize, the DAAD Prize and the University of Bonn Initiative Prize

The University of Bonn seeks to rewards excellent academic achievement through the award of the State Prize, the DAAD Prize and the University of Bonn Initiative Prize.


The Queen’s Prize

The Queen’s Prize was first awarded to mark the visit of HM Queen Elisabeth II to the University of Bonn in 1965 and is awarded at the start of every academic year to reward outstanding performance in English Studies.

The winner of the Queen’s Prize 2020 is Diren Sevin Mat with her bachelor thesis: "Topographies of Migration: Genre, Movement, and Displacement in Contemporary British Fiction."


The Prize of the French Republic – Prix de la République Française

This award is presented to individuals displaying an especial knowledge and understanding of France and its society, language, literature, culture, history, politics, institutions or intellectual life.

The winner of the Prix de la République française 2020 is Benedikt Schulte with his master's thesis: “Characterization and identity construction of fictional characters in Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary”.

The King of Spain’s Prize – Premio Rey de España

The King of Spain’s Prize is awarded at the start of every academic year to reward excellence in Iberian Philology. 

Prize winners of the Premio Rey de España 2020 are Viola Fatić with her master's thesis: “La compensiòn lectora en alemán y español: studio contrastivo de eye-tracking sobre la competencia léxica dén artículos periodísticos” and Álvero Arango Vallejo with his master's thesis: “La literatura nazi en America” como germen de la poética de Roberto Bolaño”.


Initiative Prize for Digitally Aided Teaching Innovations

Seeking to continue the development of existing and new e-learning facilities, the University of Bonn has launched this prize to enable the realization of innovative initiatives in digitally-supported teaching (funding 30,000 euros per year). The prize is awarded annually at the ceremony opening the new academic year.

The winner of the initiative award "Impulses for digitally aided teaching" 2020 from the University of Bonn is Professor Dr. Jutta Standop, who accepted the award for her project: "ACTIVATE - Acquiring Competencies Through Innovative Video Annotations in Teacher Education" together with her project colleague, Christoph Dähling.


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Prize

The DAAD Prize is awarded in recognition of outstanding academic achievement from an international student at the University of Bonn and above all for an outstanding contribution to the university or wider community.

The winner of the 2020 DAAD Prize is Dima Alumnajed, student at the Center for Development Research – ZEF, who was awarded for her voluntary work at the MESYRR institution for Syrian artists and for founding an intercultural "dinner club" and digital workshops for her fellow students at ZEF. The DAAD Prize 2020 was handed over to Ms. Alumnajed during the event by Professor Dr. Stephan Conermann, Vice-Rector for International Affairs.


DAAD-Prize 2020 - award winner Ms. Alumnajed

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