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The Master's program in Mathematics enables the student to proceed to the forefront of knowledge in one of the major fields of mathematics. The language of instruction is English. The programme has a standard duration of four terms (two years), ending with the "Master of Science" degree.

The modules of the Master’s program in Mathematics in Bonn are categorized into six areas:

  • A Algebra, Number Theory and Logic
  • B Analysis and Differential Equations
  • C Discrete Mathematics
  • D Geometry and Topology
  • E Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computing
  • F Probability and Stochastic Analysis

and classified according to their form and level:

  • Foundations are optional lectures courses preparing for the graduate
  • courses.
  • Graduate Courses are advanced lecture courses.
  • In Graduate Seminars students present mathematics in talks.
  • Practical training courses can be, for example, practical teaching courses (tutoring problem sessions), internships or programming projects.

For the Master’s thesis the typical working time is 12 months. The Master’s thesis is accompanied by the Master’s thesis seminar, where the students give talks about their progress. Students interested in applications of mathematics in other sciences are encouraged to choose a secondary subject.

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