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Computer Science (Master of Science)

Computer Science (Master of Science)

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The Computer Science master’s degree program explores the theoretical modeling of real problems through algorithms as well as their application. Theoretical computer science delivers the necessary fundamentals, asking how and to which extent of complexity a problem can be described, while practical computer science develops methods and concepts to solve these problems. Technical computer science meanwhile focuses on fundamental characteristics of hardware, with application and realization being subject to the field of applied computer science.

An example of a practical field of application could be the automotive sector, where intelligent routing and steering systems of vehicles would be unimaginable without the use of complex software. In robotics, intricate programming is likewise required to mimic human skills and enable autonomous decisions.

Students in this master’s degree program can specialize in one of the following research areas: Algorithmics, Graphics/Vision/Audio, Information and Communication Management, Intelligent Systems.

Possible lines of work:

Production/development of IT systems (computer design, development of operating systems and user interfaces), positions in trade/consulting (system/application programming, IT organization, system support, training), positions with users (administration, maintenance/expansion of IT and programming systems, training/support), teaching, academia (teaching/research at universities, research institutions, etc.)


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