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Special selection process

For the degree program Molecular Biomedicine you have to undergo a special selection process in order to be allocated a spot in the program. More information can be found on the programs‘ webpages.

Information for applicants with foreign certificates

Is your higher education entrance qualification sufficient?

  • If you are treated equally to German applicants, please make sure that your higher education entrance qualification is sufficient for your desired degree program. Detailed information of admission and rating of your certificate can be found on

Documents that must be submitted in certified and translated format

  • Applicants without a German higher education entrance qualification have to submit their Secondary school leaving certificate in officially certified format.
  • Certificates that are not issued in German, English or French must be accompanied by a certified translation.

Proficiency in German

  • In order to be able to begin their studies, foreign applicants who have not obtained their higher education entrance qualification at a German or German-speaking school must prove their proficiency in German during enrollment. 


 Molekulare Biomedizin


Please note: This English page is for basic information purposes only. Legally binding information is found on the German webpages.

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