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Master's studies

Consecutive Master's
Consecutive Master's are courses of studies whose content immediately follows that of the preceding Bachelor's in the same major, providing a more rigorous scientific education.

Master's courses of studies with an interdisciplinary orientation based on a variety of Bachelor's degrees in different majors are also included in the consecutive Master's courses of studies. The actual prerequisites for each major are specified in the relevant exam regulations.


Continuing education Master's courses of studies
Continuing education Master's courses of studies are essentially intended for specific types of professions; they are often taken while working. The prerequisites for starting a continuing education Master's are a qualified university degree and practical work experience of usually no less than a year. The content of the continuing education course of studies should take into account the work experience and build on it.


How to apply

Application for a Master's course of studies is made to the relevant major. The Faculty of Philosophy has a centralized Master's Office; in the other Faculties, applications are usually taken by the relevant coordinators. You can find their contact information in the Master's Catalog.

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