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Former Participants' Feedback Intellectual Property

Since 2014, we welcome graduate and postgraduate students as well as young professionals to our Summer School on Intellectual Property. Some of our former participants share their experiences and expressions: 

I found the course very informative, rich and worthwhile 

One of the main objectives for the course has always been to enable participants not only to further learn about IP but also to provide opportunities for each participant to make new friends from different parts of the world.

Even though my visit to Germany was short, we became quickly acquainted with each other by having meaningful conversations and sharing stories during the course.

 Mohamed Adel, AGIP Egypt Deputy Manager/Patent Dep. Manager

From Physics to Patents

Once I had decided to pursue a career related to IP, I had to find a way to make that happen. This was in the spring of 2014, a time when I was awfully busy, working tirelessly towards completing my PhD.

As a scientist, I knew very little about IP, but I needed to gain a basic understanding in order to facilitate a smooth transition from physics to patents. I decided to attend the Summer School on IP at the University of Bonn. For two weeks, I would engage with the subject without the constant distractions of matters related to my dissertation. The lecturers provided insight into certain IP topics, while the guest speakers complemented this with different perspectives on the subject as a whole. By the end, I had picked up an astounding amount of relevant information and acquired a good general awareness relating to IP.

Fortunately, everybody was incredibly friendly and approachable - the organizers, the other participants, the lecturers as well as the guest speakers. That made the entire experience really worthwhile and enjoyable.

After the Summer School, I gained some work experience with Appleyard Lees, a UK based firm of European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys. Following my work experience, they offered me a full-time trainee position. The job is fascinating and rather challenging, but the people are incredibly welcoming and supportive.

I am now on my way to becoming a patent attorney and the Summer School on IP at the University of Bonn was the first step. 

Johannes Biniok, Trainee Appleyard Less - European Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

I gained experience and got answers to all my questions

I am a copyright lawyer in the audiovisual content area in the Russian Federation. My top priority was to gain more experience in national, European and international copyright law and compare it with the Russian copyright law. The main purpose was achieved and I gained experience and got answers to all my questions. 

The most useful lecture for me was the guest lecture "IP and Audiovisual Content" by Dr. Tim Kraft. I had an opportunity to ask some important questions that i have been dealing with almost every day at work. 

Maria Gordon, German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation

I am proud to be the one of the first students of the Summer School program

When I first saw the scope of the program, I thought “Oh, my God, a lot to learn and too intensive!” However, after attending the class, due to the lecturers’ and program coordinators’ eagerness and professionalism, I had  a change of heart and was wishing if only I could have more chance and possibility to listen to them.

What I found most incredible is that the program coordinators organized both practitioners from law practice and lecturers who also teach at the university. They did put their best efforts to share their valuable experiences.

There is no dispute that Germany is one of the leading innovation countries together with its worldwide respectable scholars and institutes. As a consequence, the IP practice of Germany and legislation is advisor to the developing countries. Not only German law practice on IP was discussed but also the application of the directives in Europe so that I was able to compare both the national and European perspective which I was not able to learn in my country.

The excursions to the leading innovation centers of Germany were also great. Who would ever expect to listen to the Head of IP Department of Deutsche Telekom!

Due to my participation in the Summer School and especially in the IP management class, I was offered a job by the leading telecommunication company of Turkey, “Turkcell”.  I am happy that it lightened my way in such a short time.

 Sıla Gökmen, Senior Legal Counsel

The Summer School on IP was one of my best experiences in Germany

During the courses and class discussions, I had the opportunity to see different aspects of IP, both in theory and practice. Courses were taught by lawyers specialized in IP law, experts from IP organizations, and academic members of the University of Bonn. They were really exciting and eager to explain us their experiences in their fields.

Moreover, there were excursions to some innovative companies, organizations and research facilities, such as Deutsche Telekom AG and Ford Deutschland, and I think it was the most interesting and exciting part of the program.

Canan İmançlı, Exchange student, Cologne University, Faculty of Law; Student, Istanbul University, Social Sciences Institution 

Highly recommed Summer School for any science or law student

I had learned about technology law during my university studies and was always interested in learning more about the intellectual property rights. As an individual working in the high-tech sector, my interest was mostly in learning about the patent protection and the international trade treaties which can be invoked in case of patent infringement lawsuits.

I was taking time off from work to attend the summer school, so naturally I had high expectations. I’m very glad to share that my expectations of personal enrichment and learning were far exceeded. The organizing staff was extremely friendly and was always available to answer questions. The course content was very well structured and all the speakers had a really good grasp on the European as well as the international trends in intellectual property. I found the excursion to DLR to be particularly insightful, where we were given a guided tour of state-of-the-art research facilities.

Amar Riaz, Systems Verification Engineer, Ciena

This Summer School program is my first engagement with the concept of IP in a European context

An awareness of IP is a core requirement for information professionals and as such I was keen to acquire knowledge in this area by applying to this program. My ambition is to become an outstanding university lecturer and to play a role in the promotion of copyright by fostering a better understanding of IP in my community and exploring solutions to the challenges it faces. The program helped me to achieve these goals by enriching and broadening my horizon beyond a single national view of the IP issue.

Since the program required participants to use English, it facilitated networking between participants by interacting with students, renowned academics and IP professionals from different disciplines and countries. I had a chance to meet people from such diverse backgrounds, get to know their principles, opinions and challenges, and I still keep in touch with some colleagues via social media.

Pimphot Seelakate, PhD candidate, University College London, Department of Information Studies 

Comprehensive and immersive approach to IPR in its many forms

For those who need to deepen their knowledge in IPR, due to their professional activities or academic development, the University of Bonn Summer School on IP has proven to be an excellent investment. IPR knowledge is vital to be at the forefront of innovation and to create economic value in the modern economy. The right protection of IP can become the critical competitive advantage to many companies across Europe. In the wide range of IPR workshops, conferences, and other initiatives, most of the time they lack in depth and coverage to be useful to young professionals or those who want to improve their skills in this area. This Summer School was an excellent value for money, allowing me to have a comprehensive and immersive approach to IPR, in its many forms, thus creating added-value to me and my work.

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