Comments from Former Students

Best and smartest decision!

comments_JoshuaStudying abroad for a semester at Bonn University was certainly the best and smartest decision I have made in my college career so far. The five months that I spent studying in Bonn opened my eyes to numerous things, all of which have made and continue to make some sort of positive impact on my life. 

From advancing my German, to making new friends from all over the world, to traveling to places that I will never forget, I look forward to studying abroad again, and Bonn along with the people that I encountered on my journey there will always have a place in my heart.

  • Joshua Place
    Junior Year Program, Summer Term 2015
    Western Michigan University, USA

“Beautiful City, Beautiful People!”

comments_anne-louise knightMy exchange year in Bonn was one of the best experiences of my life. From the very first day, arriving at the international office, I felt welcome and had access to an incredible support network through the efforts of the international office and their staff. I met some of the most incredible individuals who are friends for life, and living in a smaller city like Bonn means you have more of a community vibe and are able to become really close with the international and local student body.

I’m really thankful that I participated in the September language orientation course. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet other incoming exchange, Erasmus and junior year students all in one go. I found the teachers and class sizes great, and that the program was incredibly immersive, allowing us to speak in German about topical issues, German culture and points of interest, rather than solely focusing on grammar in a book.

All in all, I would highly recommend studying on exchange in Bonn, it’s a great location for travel around Europe, a fascinating part of Germany to live in and its got an unbeatable student community!

  • Anne-Louise Knight
    Direct Exchange, Winter Term 2014/2015 and Summer Term 2015
    University of New South Wales, Australia

My experience in Bonn was amazing!

Wiktor_WS14/15My experience in Bonn was amazing! The four months that I spent in Bonn were the best in my life. I lived with other incredible exchange students with whom I created unforgettable and lasting memories. 

The interesting trips that the Junior Year Team organized were very informative but were also lots of fun. Experiencing the European way of life was an important aspect of these trips. All in all, this experience was the best in my life!




  • Wiktor Ezlakowski
    Junior Year Program, Winter Term 2014/2015
    DePaul University, USA

Thank You


I must admit that I was a little worried I would not have been carrying a proper semester load, and I was  getting a little concerned about finding a class to join.

I would also like to thank you and the whole JYP team for making the transition into classes and life in Germany very fluid and natural feeling. Thus far, I haven't experienced any of the problems that friends of mine have described on other exchange programs. Thank you for your assistance in getting adjusted to school and life in Germany.

  • Alexander Hudy
    Bonn Programm-Student, 2010
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA


"An Elementary School Experience"

comments-aaron_cmsI had a wonder experience at the elementary school, and I'm very thankful that I had this opportunity.

The children and the other teachers were always very nice and helpful. They knew that my German was far from perfect, but they nonetheless always had patience for me and treated me nicely. I improved my German a lot from working there, and I also had fun. I only hope that Ms. Hoffman enjoyed our time together as much as I did and that the kids learned something from me or from their experience with me. Specifically I hope that the kids can play basketball better because I worked with them on that. That was probably my best contribution!"

  • Aaron Keller
    Bonn Program Student 2008-2009
    University of Kansas. USA

"It was unbelievable and amazing!"

comments-anja_cms.JPGI cannot describe how fantastic my semester at Bonn was! There is so much one can do in and around Bonn. Museums, films, theatrical pieces, opera, and different quarters of Bonn, like the Altstadt and Regierungsviertel. When I was there, I freely volunteered to help at a grade school. My time there helped me get a better understanding of the culture and language, and I also put some of my educational knowledge to practice when I helped the children. This opportunity greatly influenced my experience and I hope that more students do something where they can get deeper into the culture and language.

My semester at Bonn improved my German and provided me a better understanding of the culture and people. The semester was the best semester during my studies at Wartburg College in Iowa. It was unbelievable and amazing!

  • Anja Hoehn
    Bonn Program Student, 2008
    Wartburg College

"The world gathers together in Bonn!"

comments-kahlil_cms.jpgThe world gathers together in Bonn. Next year you won't only meet others from your home country and from Germany, but from all over the world. You'll notice it not only in during your studies (where one can really meet some cool and interesting people by working together), but everywhere in Bonn; in today's Germany an international character is on the rise.

The first month goes by like a whirlwind, so grab everything you can! Beef up your German in the in the orientation course, meet people in your dorm and around Bonn, take the short day trips (because you never get a better chance, and all-inclusive), and go exploring around the area; find your way, make Bonn yours.

The helpful folks that you meet at the beginning of the semester can always be found, especially during the bi-weekly coffee hour. Also during the semester the foreign office sponsors many events: movies, cultural evenings, trips, and so forth, they are really a great chance to meet some of the 5000 foreign students studying in Bonn, as well as German students.

You can (and will) travel all around and through Germany and Europe, study quite a bit, and certainly have a great time, but ultimately you need a family. The Host Family Program allows you to have two families, one at home, and one in Germany. You can really feel at home, in a comfortable atmosphere, that one often misses while abroad.

Finally, Germany is a vast and profound land, with many different currents, and what is here is the chance of your life to experience something fantastic, something that you'll never regret.

  • Kahlil Saad
    Bonn Program Student, 2006-2007
    University of Kansas

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