Program Elements

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Coursework "Energy Policy: Global Decisions, Local Actors"

This course will focus on the „energy“ factor of global and national policy-making to achieve sustainable development. more 

Group Projects

Students will work in small groups on topics assigned to them. The groups are guided by project advisors, who are experts in the respective fields. more

Guest Lectures + Panels

Interdisciplinarity is key for a thorough understanding of the topic. Therefore guest lectures deepen the policy knowledge from different angles and cover the political, economic and technological side of renewable energy. At panel discussions students get the chance to meet with young political leaders and professionals. more


Academic excursions will deliver first hand insight into the discussed themes and sites of policy-making and research on renewables. more

Berlin - German Policy Making and Research

In Berlin the group will meet with practitioners, politicians and researchers from government agencies, ministries and NGOs. During the five-day excursion to Berlin the students will also gain deeper insight into recent German history and culture.

Introduction to German Culture

A workshop at the beginning of the program will introduce students to German history and culture. Throughout the program, we will undertake excursions to museums and guided tours of historic and cultural sites. Student "Buddies" from Bonn make this a truly intercultural experience.



Photo Copyright: M.Sanmukri

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