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Pro Buddy Program


FAQs – Pro-Buddy Program:


1.       What is the Pro-Buddy Program?

This program matches newly arrived international PhD-students (mentees) with a “buddy”, i.e. a PhD-student from Bonn who helps International doctoral students adjust to their new environment and help them to get into contact with other German doctoral students in Bonn. Student volunteers from Bonn give international PhD-students advice and assistance and help them get off to a good start at university and in Bonn.


2.       Who can participate (buddies)?

In principle, each PhD-student of the University of Bonn can participate.

3.       Who can participate (mentees)?

All international PhD-students of the University of Bonn can participate in the Pro-Buddy Program.


4.       When and how can I apply as a buddy?

All year round.

In order to register, please complete the online application form on Mobility Online (Link available soon).

5.       When and how can I apply as a mentee?

All year round.

You can also apply before you arrival in Bonn from your country of origin. Please apply online. We ask you to complete the online application form on Mobility Online (Link available soon).*

*Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee finding a buddy on time. We will do our best and thank you for understanding that finding the right match may at times take a bit longer.


Written confirmation of volunteer work and Certificate of International Competence

6.       How do I get written confirmation of my volunteer work?

Following your successful participation in the Pro-Buddy Program, we will issue a written confirmation of your completed volunteer work. To be able to do so, please fill out the feedback form on Mobility Online once you are done participating. You can then download the confirmation from Mobility Online.

Contact between buddies and mentees

7.       What shall I do if my mentee does not get in touch with me?

First you should try once more to contact your mentee. Various problems, e.g. organizational matters or internet access issues, can be the reason for not receiving a reply during the time around the arrival of international students. Give your mentee some time to settle in and find his/her way around. If you have not heard from your mentee several days later or not again following your first contact, please let the Study-Buddy team ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) know. We will then try again reaching your mentee. If this does not change anything either, we will try to match you with someone else.

8.       What shall I do if my mentee reaches out to me constantly and if I get the feeling that his/her expectations exceed my responsibilities as a buddy?

Politely but firmly explain to your mentee that you are not able to support him/her in all matters and that you are not obliged to. It is possible that your mentee is not satisfied with this reply but, based on experience, this is likely to be an exception. If this is the case, please inform the Pro-Buddy team ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) immediately.

9.       What shall I do if my mentee/buddy and I do not get along or if there are problems?

If you are not satisfied or unhappy with your match due to a lack of sympathy, time or communication, please let the Pro-Buddy team ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.])) know as soon as possible so we can discuss this together. Should things not improve as a result, we can try to find a new mentee/buddy for both of you.

10.   When can I turn to the Pro-Buddy team?

Anytime! Please contact the Pro-Buddy team ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) if you have ideas for activities, requests or other suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Pro-Buddy events

11.   Where can I find the dates for Study-Buddy events?

You can find this information on our website: . We also inform you via email before each event. Some events might require a registration via Mobility Online.


We wish all participants lots of fun and hope that the Pro-Buddy program initiates lasting international friendships!

Your Pro-Buddy team


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