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Visa Requirements

  • Students from non EU/EFTA countries require a student visa for their stay in Germany.These students should apply for the visa at the German embassy or consulate in their home country.They will also most likely need a proof of their financial security while studying here in Bonn (about € 735 / month). Further information can be found in the Erasmus Guide and from the responsible German embassy or consulate. 
  • Students from non EU/EFTA countries who do not (yet) have a residence title under Directive 2016/801/EU need to apply for a visa at the German embassy or consulate in their country of residence.
  • Students from non EU/EFTA countries who study in another member state of the EU and have already been issued with a residence title under the Directive on conditions of entry and residence (Directive 2016/801/EU) may come to Germany without applying for a visa. 

    They need to submit digital copies of the following documents to the International Office in Bonn at least two months before their arrival to Bonn, though: 
  • the residence permit issued by the first EU Member State (valid throughout the entire duration of the mobility),
  • a recognized, valid passport/replacement passport,
  • proof of subsistence (at least 850€ per month, further information in the Erasmus Guide
  • proof of health insurance

    All documents (apart from passport and residence permit) should be in German (if not possible: English). Other languages are not accepted. Further information will be sent to the students by email from the International Office.

  • Information on working while on a student visa can be found here.


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