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The Study-Buddy Program for mentees

You are an international newcomer at the University of Bonn and you have questions around studying and life in Bonn? You would like a contact person who supports you when you arrive in Bonn?

If your answer to the above is “yes”, register now for the Study-Buddy Program!

Who can participate?

All international students new to the University of Bonn can participate in the Study-Buddy Program.

What does the Study-Buddy Program offer me?

  • Support upon arrival (e.g. picking you up from the airport/train station)
  • Assisting at appointments with local authorities (e.g. registering as a resident of Bonn, opening a bank account, signing up for health insurance)
  • Help with finding your way around the campus and city of Bonn
  • Earning of credits for the Certificate of International Competence
  • Improving your German language skills
  • Meeting University of Bonn students and other new international students
  • Participating in activities of the Study-Buddy Program
  • Forming long-term international friendships

When and how can I apply?

  • Summer semester: January 01 to April 30
  • Winter semester: July 01 to November 15

If possible, please apply for the Study-Buddy Program at least three weeks prior to your arrival in Germany online. Please complete the online application form on Mobility Online.* Here you can find a detailed instruction how to register on the Mobility-Online portal.

*Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee finding a buddy on time, particularly before the start of the winter semester, as this coincides with the arrival of many international newcomers who look for a buddy. We will do our best and thank you for understanding that finding the right match may at times take a bit longer.

How do I get written confirmation of my volunteer work?

Following your successful participation in the Study-Buddy Program, we will issue a written confirmation of your completed volunteer work. To be able to do so, please fill out the feedback form on Mobility Online once you are done participating. You can then download the confirmation from Mobility Online.

How can I obtain credit for the Certificate of International Competence?

Your participation in the Study-Buddy Program and the written confirmation count towards your Certificate of International Competence (credit for the C) Ambassador Component). 10 points per 1 semester of volunteering. 

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Feedback and Questions

Any questions on the program? Then simply send an email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] or provide us with your suggestions for improvement via the feedback form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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