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Charlotte... loves to get to know more about new cultures and regions of the world. In her spare time she likes to backpack and travel other countries. Currently she studies political science in her master degree at the University of Bonn. She is happy to be on hand with help and advice for everybody! She speaks German, English, French and Italian.

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Franziska ... is always in a good mood and a big fan of finding solutions for everything. Since she herself made great experiences with studying abroad in France, she is happy to help everybody to settle here in Bonn and exchange her experiences.
Deborah ...studies political and social studies in Bonn, but also loves to spend time in her native city Cologne (and gives hints for cool spots!). She is interested in different cultures, especially when it comes to food. After her internship in Glasgow she is now looking forward to the exciting time with you guys in the International Club!
David open for every talk and proposal! He speaks German, English, Spanish and was himself as Erasmus student in Valencia, Spain. Music is cool, nature awesome and there’s no better than philosophy. Through his studies of psychology and philosophy he is up for every interesting discussion – and for every little joke.
Laura ...loves to meet people from all over the world and finishing her last journey she just dreams of the next one. After three years abroad, she now found a city she really appreciates and finds worth to be shared with new people. In her leisure time, she has got a green thumb, likes to spend time in nature with her dog and to discover new spots. She studies ethnology and American and English studies.
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