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Taster Program



Many high school students would like to gain an insight into everyday student life at the University of Bonn while they are still at high school. Especially as the time for deciding on a specific course of study draws near, the question often arises: "Can I go and sit in on a lecture?" Yes, you can!

Each semester the Central Study Advisory Service puts together a "taster" program. These selected classes are designed to give students a realistic idea of the individual areas of study, let them get to know the institutes and lecture halls and generally get a taste of university life.

If you are interested in multiple subject areas, you have an opportunity to put together your personal lecture program on a single weekday.

You can simply take part in most of the events in the "taster" program, but due to the limited number of participants, some require prior registration with the department's academic advisor. We have highlighted these events for you; the contact details of the academic advisors can be found at the end of the program.



 Download Taster Program for Summer Semester 2017


In addition to the "taster" program, it is of course also possible to select interesting teaching events yourself from the BASIS electronic course list. In this case, we recommend that you first contact the corresponding lecturer to clarify whether you can audit this event as a prospective student. This may not always be possible, particularly for events such as seminars or practical exercises!.


Group visits

You can also visit us as a larger group, such as an entire school class or a course. In this case, if the planning is carried out early enough, the Central Study Advisory Service offers the option, before or after visiting the teaching event, to attend a presentation and obtain information on options for study advice, course offers and degrees, as well as admission requirements and admission applications.

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If you are also interested in following the course offers in certain subjects for an entire week, check with your school about the possibility of doing so in an information workshop. Please speak to your school's academic advisor or coordinator for academic and vocational advice.

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