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Immunobiology: from molecules to integrative systems

Immunobiology: from molecules to integrative systems

Current developments in the field of immunology demonstrate that molecular mechanisms regulating the immune system are still poorly understood. Additionally, it´s becoming clear that a system-biological approach including bio-informatical analysis of transcriptomes and epigenetic alterations in single immune cells is indispensable to fully understand complex immunological processes. Therefore, there is a substantial need of natural scientists with a thorough education in systems biology. To comply with these needs, the LIMES institute offers the Master in Immunobiology: from molecules to integrative systems.


Within this Master program, students will be offered a profound education in both immunology and systems biology. The aim of the program is to mediate an in-depth understanding of the molecular and structural processes of the immune system combined with substantial knowledge and hands-on training in systems biology.

The Master program is research-oriented and offered completely in English. Apart from an in depth education of scientific knowledge in the mentioned areas, they are characterized by a high proportion of individual research projects, in which students are integrated at an early stage into the highly competitive and interdisciplinary research groups of the LIMES institute. Alternatively, all students have the possibility to perform during their master studies such research projects in other universities or abroad. Additionally, during their education, students are trained in a large variety of methods and techniques applied in life sciences and gain first contact with representatives of life science industries. Finally, a mentoring system helps the students to study efficiently, to plan their career in a more focused manner, and to become independent.

The M.Sc. program aims at natural scientists with a high interest in the complex functionality of the immune system and in the expanding field of systems biology, including genomics, epigenetics and bio-informatics. Students are educated to perform state of the art research projects self-dependently and are able to perform at least three individual research projects on different scientific topics.

Most of the students are integrated into research groups located in the LIMES Institute in Bonn, but all students have the opportunity to perform parts of the education program (research projects) at other universities in or outside of Germany. Additionally, depending on the scientific projects and the research groups involved, selected students may also have the opportunity for short time exchange with research groups of selected partner universities. The chosen universities belong to the top universities in their respective nations and worldwide and our scientific partners in the collaborating departments are eminent scientists in their fields.

For this 2 year education program, up to 25 students per year will be admitted. Applicants should hold a B.Sc. degree in molecular biomedicine, immunology, biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, bio-informatics or related fields. The selection will be based on academic achievements.