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23.04.2021: Studium und Praktikum im Ausland: Intercultural Training

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  • Workshop
Wann 23.04.2021
von 10:00 bis 14:00
Name Stefanie Rübbert
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Simply doing a stay abroad does not guarantee acquiring intercultural competency. It is necessary to actively reflect on the experiences had for a process of personal development and learning to take place.

In interactive Intercultural Training seminars students get theoretical input which they then immediately apply in exercises. Having substantial previous intercultural experience is advantageous but not a must. The training seminars afford preparation for international study and research stays but are highly recommended as well for students in Germany, as intercultural communication ability is now widely viewed as a key student competency. The training seminar is thus also open to students with no prior international experience and/or who have no plans to study abroad. 

Students completing the seminar are credited 20 points toward the D1 component for the Certificate of Intercultural Competency. 


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