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The FdIS („Förderung der Integration in das Studium“) program is meant to offer suitable refugees, in a largely non-bureaucratic way and free of charge, the opportunity of taking up a “pre-study” course at the University of Bonn, which prepares them for possible enrolment to studies and integrates them into the academic environment. This will in part be accomplished by opening admission to courses in participating areas of study without previous explicit clarification of the admission to studies (applications for Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmaceutics are not eligible!).

Furthermore, it will be possible to take part in course examinations, the results of which could be credited after formal enrolment into the respective course of studies. A further item of the program is an intensive German language course on an advanced learning level (starting from a completed level of at least B1) that also bears  the  German university admission language exams in mind. Apart from this there will be a course in German Culture and Civilization as well as mandatory intercultural training. Participation in the FdIS program is, however, no guarantee for later enrolment to studies!

The program is conceived for a maximum number of 40 participants of which a maximum of 30 can be accommodated in the German intensive courses (a proof of a B1 German language certificate and an online test is required for participation).

FdIS amounts to a number of 24 hours of attendance per week during 14 semester weeks in courses and ancillary measures of the program. With registration for the program a declaration of commitment will have to be signed that ensures regular and complete participation in the program modules.

FdIS comprises the following components/modules

  • 8 hrs participation in university courses in the chosen study subjects, alternatively a 2 hrs.  tutorial or seminar on study strategies can be chosen
  • 4 hrs. German Culture and Civilization
  • 12 hrs. German tuition from a B1 starting level
  • Additional intercultural training, probably as a block course
  • Academic counseling
  • For clarifying formal admissibility to studies, if necessary: participation in TestAS
  • Attendance in events of the current program for international students which a character helping the integration into the study environment

Please read closely the FAQ (pdf) !  for further information!

Conditions for participation in FdIS

  • German proficiency on a completed B1 level
  • Residence prospects sufficient for taking up studies
  • Residence in Bonn or its vicinity: Niederkassel, Troisdorf, Siegburg, Hennef, Sankt Augustin, Bornheim, Alfter, Swisttal, Rheinbach, Meckenheim, Euskirchen, Wachtberg, Königswinter, Bad Honnef, Unkel, Remagen, Grafschaft, Linz, Sinzig, Bad Breisig, Altenahr


If you are interested in FdIS and if you fulfill the acceptance criteria, please submit your application documents, including the contact form, to the address stated below:
Hicham Boutouil
Universität Bonn
Dezernat Internationales – Abt. 6.3
Poppelsdorfer Allee 53
53115 Bonn


The application deadline for the summer semester ends on 31 January!
The application deadline for the winter semester ends on 31 July!

After receipt of the complete application documents we will contact you due to the selection decision and/or an invitation for an exploratory talk. The documents required for an application will be checked in cooperation with the registrar´s office (Studentensekretariat) and by Dept. 6.3. 

Application Documents

  • Contact form (pdf)
  • Copy of your passport or other identifying document giving official proof of your refugee status
  • Copy of a language certificate on level B1
  • Copy of your residence permit showing the city/place of residence
  • Copy of your admission to study or of further documents like school leaving certificate etc. 

 This measure will be sponsored by DAAD Logo with funding from BMBF Logo  

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