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Emergency and Health

In case of emergency, please call the following numbers:
Emergency Physican and Fire Brigade Tel.: 112
Police Tel.: 110

Additional numbers:
On-duty medical unit for accidental poisonings (Giftnotrufzentrale für Bonn und NRW) Tel.: 19240

Medical emergency services on Wednesday afternoon and on the weekend:
On-duty medical unit (Ärztlicher Notfalldienst Arztrufzentrale) Tel.: 0180-5044100

Private on-duty medical unit (Privatärztlicher Notdienst) Tel.: 19257

On-duty medical unit of dentists (Zahnärztlicher Notdienst) Tel.: 0180-5986700
If you go to the doctor, you always have to take your health insurance card with you. In addition to your medical insurance, you have to pay a fee of 10 Euro (the "Praxisgebühr") every quarter of a year. (This fee must be payed only if you really go to see the doctor!) Surgeries are usually not scheduled on Wednesday afternoon. During the weekend, you have to approach the on-duty medical unit. The opening hours of German pharmacies are rather short and do not accord with the shopping hours. But there is always a pharmacy on-duty around the clock. A list of these pharmacies can be found at the entrance door of every pharmacy. Just have a look at the homepage: www.apotheker-nordrhein.de/apotheke/notdienst/index.htm. Another list of doctors can be found HERE.