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Student Life

Bonn is a popular place of study and, despite its importance as a federal city, has remained a charming university town. It is a city where studying and living are equally easy. The central position of the Main Building of the university draws students again and again to the city centre.

Almost 60% of students cycle to the city, and an extensive network of cycle paths reflects this trend. Students in Bonn are advised to make do without a car because parking places are difficult to come by. Doing without a car is actually made easy for students. According to an agreement negotiated between the student body and the regional transport authority, every student is bound through payment of student welfare contribution (Sozialbeitrag) to purchase a reasonably priced semester ticket, which entitles them to use of public transport in Bonn and its surroundings.

Students looking for accomodation can use the links on the left side; the pages show the addresses of residence halls supported by the Student Services or the churches and give some hints of how to look for private accomodation.  

The Student Services (Studentenwerk) are responsible for the material and social welfare of the students. One responsibility of the Studentenwerk is the administration of the resident halls; other responsibilities include the provision of money to those eligible for a grant and running refectories and cafeterias. Some links on the left side give information about financial aide (mainly for German students) and menu plans for the student restaurants. Additional links lead to information for disabled applicants and to pages for student parents.   

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