Offers TRA 1 Modelling


Funding 2021 TRA 1 Modelling (open deadline)

The TRA 1 Modelling supports projects and initiatives at all interfaces within the TRA 1 profile. Funding applications for 2021 (open deadline) can be submitted at any time. The Steering Committee will decide on acceptance, decisions are depending on content and availability of funds.

Our funding lines:

For further information on the procedure (e.g. application forms) and application advice, please contact the TRA1-Management!

Contact TRA1-Management

Manager TRA 1 Modelling
Dr. Julia Belau
E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
Phone (work): +49 (0) 151 221 406 26 

Sarah May
E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


Service for Members

  • Newsletter, Collaboration Platform, events and more
  • Third-party-funding (DFG/EU/BMBF) support: Lost in the dschungel of contact persons? Contact the TRA1-Management for initial consultation and advice, administrative support and contact to the department for research support!
  • Consultation, advice and administrative support for TRA 1 funding applications: contact your TRA-management!
  • Support for events in the focus of TRA 1 Modelling: contact your TRA-management! 


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