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Network TRA 1 Modelling


Network Activities

The TRA 1 Modelling is a plattform for exploration and collaboration. We offer various possibilities and activities for networking.

  • Lecture Series (e.g., TRA 1 PreDinner, HCM meets TRA 1)
  • Collaboration-Platform, Collaboration Panel
  • Symposia and workshops in different thematic areas
  • Network-events for early career researchers


The TRA Modelling is a transdisciplinary network addressing an open spectrum of topics within mathematics, computer sciences, quantitative economics and application areas. Membership is open to:

  • Members of the University of Bonn who have proven their ability to perform independent research in the research area covered by the TRA Modelling
  • Employees of another institution are welcome if they meet the requirements stated above and are staff of an institute that holds a cooperation agreement with University of Bonn.
  • PhD students working at the University of Bonn in an area covered by the TRA Modelling are also welcome to join as non-voting members.

Join the network!

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