"Promotion plus" Certificate



The “Promotion plus” certificate states in which workshops and seminars doctoral researchers participated as part of the Bonn qualification program for doctoral researchers. The certificate is jointly issued by the Bonn Graduate Center and its cooperation partners – the Career Center, HR Development, and the Bonner Zentrum für Hochschullehre.



All course details for seminars and workshops which are applicable for the “Promotion plus” certificate include information on the course’s units (1 unit corresponds to 45 minutes). Half-day workshops comprise 4 units, one-day workshops 8 units and two-day workshops 16 units. If the workshop’s attendance phase is supplemented by individual reflection, 5 units (half-day + reflection), 10 units (one-day + reflection) or 20 units (2 days + reflection) are credited.

To obtain the “Promotion plus” certificate the participation in seminars and workshops from at least two modules of the qualification program amounting to at least 50 units is required. 5 of these 50 units can be acquired by completing courses beyond the “Promotion plus” certificate (such as e.g. the Bonner Forum Biomedizin or further university or other institutions).

Completion of the doctoral thesis is not required in order to receive the certificate. Furthermore: Until the summer term 2015 different requirements applied for the obtainment of the certificate. Any doctoral researchers who participated in courses before the change of terms will naturally receive the certificate in accordance with the prior conditions (meaning participation in 5 courses from 3 different modules).



If you have fulfilled the requirements for receiving the certificate, please submit participation certificates to the Bonn Graduate Center for the courses you attended (copies sent by mail or scans sent by email), and include your mailing address. You will receive the certificate as a general confirmation by mail. If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Graduate Center’s administrative office at any time.


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