The Academic Internet and how to Shape your Career

Monday, January 22 (from 9 a. m. till 5 p. m.) and Tuesday, January 23 (from 9 a. m. till 1 p. m.), room 0.003, Alte Sternwarte, Poppelsdorfer Allee 47, 53115 Bonn
Course content
Digital tools offer a variety of opportunities for maximizing research communications. These can be utilized to reach a wider audience for your recent publications, to optimize visibility and perception of your online presence or to engage and network with scientists in your own or a related discipline, to mention a few. This course will highlight and discuss some of the benefits of the digital era for the advancement of Science, how you can build a reputation early on in your career and what legal aspects to be aware of.
  • Self-presentation of young scientists for career development
  • Facebook, Twitter etc. in the context of research
  • social networks for scientists
  • developing a strategy for online issues
  • data protection and security settings
  • protection of intellectual property in the digital age
Target group
Doctoral candidates from all subject areas. 
"Promotion Plus"
12 units are applicable for this course within the „Promotion plus“ certificate.
Course instructor
Please register your intererest in this workshop with your BIGS coordinator by September 10, 2017.


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