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International Promovieren in Bonn - for all (IPID4all)



Since December 2014, the internationalization of the Bonn International Graduate Schools (BIGS) has been reinforced by the project “International promovieren in Deutschland – für alle” (IPID4all). The program is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, DAAD). Its measures are designed for all doctoral researchers at the University of Bonn, but particularly the BIGS doctoral candidates.


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Current Calls 2018

  • Funding of the participation in international conferences by doctoral researchers. Please find the call here and submit your application by 20 July, 2018 here.


  • Stipends to invite research alumni back to the University of Bonn for a research stay in anniversary year 2018 within the Bonn Researcher-Alumni Strategy. Please find the call here and submit your application by 20 July here.


  • Support for doctoral workshops as part of the IPID4all program promoted by the DAAD. Please find the call here and submit your application by 20 July here.


  • Stipends to invite international supervisors to take part in bi-national doctorate proceedings as part of the IPID4all program promoted by the DAAD. Please find the call here  and submit your application by 20 July here.



The BIGS internationalization strategy is based on the conviction that internationalization will further improve academic quality assurance, as well as the qualifications of doctoral researchers. At the same time, the strategy recognizes a recent trend towards differentiation of subject-specific doctoral cultures and individual motivations for earning a doctorate.
Therefore the BIGS internationalization strategy pursues two complementary approaches:


  • defining shared strategic internationalization goals for the participating fields, thereby creating an integrative framework for internationalizing doctorates at the University of Bonn;
  • having each Graduate School set individual strategic focuses, thereby implementing the shared goals according to subject-specific requirements.



Shared internationalization goals

The internationalization strategy for the participating graduate schools pursues three shared goals:

  1. Qualifying young academics from Bonn for international careers by building international networks: In order to achieve this goal, IPID4all supports research stays and conference participation for doctoral researchers, strengthens international networks in Bonn and promotes bi-national doctorates.
  2. Increasing the international attractiveness of the University of Bonn by creating ideal conditions for international doctoral researchers: This goal is pursued through measures that improve the recruitment of outstanding international doctoral researchers, as well as through workshops and seminar offerings that are specifically tailored to the needs of international doctoral researchers.
  3. Expanding international collaborations with outstanding international cooperation partners: To successfully achieve this goal, joint academic activities with international partners will be increased and the internationalization strategy will continuously be evaluated.


 Coordination Office

We have set up a Coordination Office at the Bonn Graduate Center to coordinate these measures.

Your contact:

Clara Kaminsky
Coordinator IPID4all
Room 0.007
Poppelsdorfer Allee 47
53113 Bonn
+49 228 73-60140









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