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Argelander Program for Doctoral Researchers

"Reaching for the Stars"

BGZlogoNEU Research on a top level, science-oriented study programs, international flair and the vivid Rhineland region - all good reasons to do your doctorate in Bonn. Even more importantly, the University of Bonn truly values its young talents and aims to provide optimal support within the “Argelander Program for Early-Career Researchers - Reaching for the Stars”; in addition to its excellent research conditions, of course. Our doctoral researchers are encouraged to take their first steps towards academic independence and provided with ideal development opportunities which prepare them for careers within and beyond academia.

Support measures for doctoral researchers are offered by the Bonn Graduate Center (BGZ) which is the central service department at the University of Bonn for anyone who is currently pursuing, or planning to pursue, a doctoral degree. You can find us in the Argelander Competence Center.

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The Argelander Program for Doctoral Researchers



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