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Frequently Asked Questions

Change in procedure for partial payments

Partial payments will only be provided upon request, using the corresponding form. The minimum amount of a partial payment is 100.00 euros, since smaller amounts can be settled from the institute’s/seminar’s cash on hand.

All payments to third parties, up to 300.00 euros per person, can be made to a University employee as a collective request using the personnel number. The University must send settlement notices to the Financial Management Department. For amounts greater than 300.00 euros, the payment must therefore go directly to the recipient. This does not apply if the partial payment is going to a non-German citizen. If cash disbursements at the University cash office are picked up by a third party, please be sure that a corresponding authorization is provided by the recipient.

Partial payment disbursements must be requested separately for each item in the grant approval. That means, for instance, that consumables should no longer be included in partial payments for travel costs. Instead, two partial payments would need to be requested. Each partial payment must be balanced in the accounts within three months of its disbursement, using the enclosed form and providing all of the original receipts. When settling travel costs, please once again note the exclusion period in the State Travel Cost Act. According to this act, travel costs must be settled within six months after the business trip is taken. After that, the travel costs can no longer be settled. This also applies to settling travel costs within the context of disbursed partial payments. Partial payments for business trips must fundamentally be requested informally from the Travel Expense Office!


Requesting a partial payment


Settling a partial payment


Budget monitoring list (HÜL)?

The budget monitoring list (HÜL) is no longer being sent out. As of January 2006, institutes and seminars can now review budget data and create their own budget monitoring lists.


What is the banking information for the University of Bonn?

The University cash office has the following bank account:

Sparkasse KölnBonn 

Routing no. (BLZ) 370 501 98  

Account no. 57695

International depositors should provide the following banking information:

IBAN: DE 08 37050198 0000057695



For transfers to this bank account, the depositor must specify the item in the state budget to which it is to be booked (institute number/project number).


What are the tax ID numbers for the University of Bonn?

Tax ID number: 205 5778 0205 

VAT ID number: DE 122 119 125


Who is responsible for creating and submitting the usage reports?

The Project Manager is responsible for settling third-party funds, and the statement is based on the entries in the budget monitoring list. Upon request by the donor, the accuracy of usage reports is confirmed by the University administration. Expenditure receipts must be kept by the University cash office, to be reviewed by the state’s auditors.


Why is the “prior-year grant remainder” or the “available grant amount” on the budget monitoring list (HÜL) negative?

Not all donors make specific amounts available. Some of them, like the DFG, only approve positions in the HR division. Debit estimates are not possible for these projects. In these cases, the “prior-year grant remainder” and the “available grant amount” are shown as negative amounts on the HÜL.


Who is the “liaison lecturer” for the German Research Foundation?

Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Hausdorff Center for Mathematics & Institute for Applied Mathematics
Endenicher Allee 60
53115 Bonn, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0) 228 73-62253
Fax: +49 (0) 228 73-62384

Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


Can I reallocate funds?

Options for reallocating third-party funds are based on the respective usage guidelines and/or the donor’s requirements. As a rule, these are provided along with the grant approval. However, they can also usually be found online; for instance, the DFG usage guidelines can be found under:


What do I need to consider in the event of a rebooking?

Invoices must always be remitted immediately with the proper budget unit. The same also applies to third-party-funded accounts that temporarily have insufficient budget resources. If an invoice is being remitted from different budget units, this must be reported when the invoice is first remitted. A copy of the invoice, with an accompanying booking sheet, must be used for each budget item to which it is to be booked. Each copy must include a reference to the other booking references. You may want to use the following formulation:

This is a partial invoice remittance. The remaining amount(s) is / are being remitted with Chapter X Inst./PN X Subtitle X Position X.


What deadlines do I need to observe when remitting invoices?

Invoices must be submitted without delay. Please see the circular for the Act Concerning the Acceleration of Due Payments. If invoices are not forwarded to Department 7.3 immediately, additional discount charges, reminder fees and interest charges may apply. Remittance orders must be sent to Department 7.3 with a completed accompanying booking sheet. A separate letter is not required.


NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code (NCAGE)

The University of Bonn has a NCAGE. The code is DA 453.


Transferring third-party-funded projects to other universities/research institutions

If you are transferring to a different university or research institution and want to continue your third-party-funded project there, this is generally possible. The following steps should be taken:

  • Please try to obtain a letter from the new university/institution declaring its willingness to take over the third-party-funded project.
  • Please obtain a declaration of willingness from the third-party donor.
  • Submit an informal request to Department 7.3 to transfer the project to the new institution. If necessary, create an interim report / usage statement. Department 7.3 will review this and have any remaining funds transferred to the donor.
  • If the staff working on the project will also be transferring, please contact Department 7.4 (Third-Party-Funded Staff).
  • If you will be taking equipment with you that was financed by the project, please contact Department 5.3 (Central Purchasing).


Reimbursement of expenditures

Professional expenditures for material costs (e.g. for copies and other consumables) can only be reimbursed according to the rules described here:

  • Present the original receipts along with an informal reimbursement request. At a minimum, the request must include the name of the recipient, the recipient’s address and your personnel number or banking information.
  • The request must be properly signed by a third party. No one is permitted to order payments for himself/herself (even for very small amounts)!


Flat-rate reimbursements are not possible. Travel costs must always be settled with Department 3.3, using the designated forms.


DUNS number

The DUNS number for the University of Bonn is 32-718-7225.
The D&B D-U-N-S number is a 9-digit identification code that uniquely identifies an individual company while also representing worldwide corporate relationships. The D&B D-U-N-S number is recognized, recommended and/or used by more than 50 of the world’s most influential organizations that define standards, for instance the EU.

If you are doing contract research work, the donor may ask you to provide this number.


What is the identification number for the University of Bonn at the Department of Health & Human Services?

The identification number is A5394-01.


Are professors emeritus and retirees allowed to request and administer third-party funds?

Professors emeritus and retirees are not members of the University, and are therefore not authorized to request third-party funding (§9 Higher Education Act). Deviations from this rule are only permissible in individual cases, upon request. In order to request a project number, professors emeritus and retirees will need a confirmation from the Managing Director of the respective institute, stating that the institute is responsible for the project and is providing the basic equipment.

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