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7.2 Finance

An overview of Department 7.2

Have you been approved for a third-party-funded project? Then you’ve come to the right place! Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, problems and/or uncertainties!

About us

Department 7.3 – Finance is responsible for the administrative support of third-party-funded projects. Our main tasks include budget management and project controlling for all third-party-funded projects.

Externally funded projects are defined as all research and development projects conducted by university members in line with their duties and responsibilities that are not or not entirely funded by the university’s budget (including national funding), but by external third parties.

In the case of third-party funds, investor regulations apply or, alternatively, the budget law of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Third-party-funded projects include: all grants given by the German Research Foundation, by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and other federal agencies, by the EU (including ERC and Marie S. Curie), by the German Academic Exchange Service, by foundations (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, VW Foundation, etc.), by international and international commercial sponsors (commissioned research) as well as “central national funding” (single project funding from North Rhine-Westphalia or from North Rhine-Westphalian organizational units).

Third-party funded projects do not include:

  • Earnings from commercial activities without research content (e.g. selling posters, scripts, assets, preparing evaluations, etc.).
  • National funding without research content (e.g. from the Higher Education Pact, means for quality improvement, etc.).
  • Earnings from patents, licenses, sponsoring.


Department 5.1 is responsible for these projects.

You can find our third-party fund encyclopedia here (with cross-departmental information about third-party fund management).

You can obtain more information about purchases from Department 5.3.

Department 3.3 provides details about travel costs

Contract management (drafting, negotiating and concluding research-related contracts, development and cooperation contracts, other third-party-funded research contracts, Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs), confidential disclosure agreements or concession agreements) is the responsibility of Department 7.2.

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