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Inventions by researchers at the University of Bonn

 If you have an idea that you think might be an invention, please contact Abt. 7.1 so that the university can secure this idea through a patent, if applicable.

Please note: According to established case law, "invention" is defined as a "teaching for technical action." A "teaching for technical action" is defined as:
a) Acting methodically
b) in order to use controllable natural forces for achieving a causally straightforward result,
c) without interpolating human brain activity,
d) whereby the causally straightforward result is the immediate consequence of the use of controllable natural forces.

Further details can be found here:


The procedures concerning your inventions is described in the university's patent strategy adopted by the rectorate


The process is as follows:



Reporting an invention
Inventions can be reported using this Word document: Invention disclosure



In the context of the BMBF's exploitation offensive after § 42 of the Employee Inventions Act was amended, the University of Bonn has been a participant in the NRW Hochschulpatentkonzept. The universities' partner in this concept are and rubitec GmbH. This concept is described in the brochure and in this first newsletter.
At the University of Bonn, this arrangement was announced in this memo.

You will receive more general information from Abteilung 7.1 of the Research Administration Office and at these links.
Additional information can be researched free-of-charge at DEPATISnet and esp@cenet.


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