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The application instructions for the individual programs can be found on the corresponding institutions' websites (links provided).


In the following, we only list programs whose websites provide information in English. For a more comprehensive survey on German research funding institutions, please consult the German version of this site. International researchers may be eligible to apply  even if no information in English is provided.




 Printing subsidies


Conferences and workshops

  •  Andrea von Braun Stiftung: Workshops
    Deadline: anytime
    Note: interdisciplinary
  • Fritz Thyssen Stiftung:
    Deadline: Anually 28 Feburary, 31 May, 31 August, 30 November
    Note: Humanities, Social Sciences, Molecular biology
  • VolkswagenStiftung: Symposia
    Deadline: Anually 01 October
    Note: all subject areas, must take place in the Foundation's convention center in hannover
  • VolkswagenStiftung: Summer schools
    Deadline: anytime
    Note: all subject areas
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