Self-image - quality standards

Service provider, enabler and adviser....



Besides the general quality standards of University administration as well as professional expertise, speed, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, reliability and predictability, we are committed to the following principles and quality standards:





We see ourselves as an professional sercive provider, enabler and adviser, and support our clients in an individual, solution-oriented and reliable manner. Our working style is characterized by courtesy, confidentiality and close cooperation with the client. We make use of our network contacts inside and outside the University in consultation with and in the interests of our clients. We want our clients to think of us in a positive way and be satisfied with our consulting services.





  • The focus lies on fulfilling the purpose and also the well-being of our clients.
  • Our approach is transparent, does not prejudge the outcome, is solution-oriented and is oriented towards the expectations of those seeking advice.
  • A Dual Career consultation always begins with a mutual clarification of the interests and expectations.
  • We work continuously on developing our skills and regularly evaluate our task performance.
  • The legal security of our statements is important to us. 


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