The traditional application

The traditional application 

Drafting an appealing application always represents the most laborious part. The challenge lies in convincing the decision-maker of your suitability for the vacant position. 

The following documents from part of a traditional application:

  • The cover sheet
  • The cover letter
  • The résumé 
  • The application photo
  • References
  • Letter of motivation

 Applications in science are subject to special features. For our international clients, a brief compilation of the most important tips and tricks for an application in Germany in English. 

The cover sheet

The cover sheet should include the term "Applicaton" as well as a reference to the position for which you are applying, along with your name and contact details. What´s more, the cover sheet is a good place to position the application photo. 


The cover letter

The cover letter is about conveying your own strengths in a targeted manner in order to thus highlight the potential added value for the company.

The letter should answer the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What can you do?
  • What are the reasons for your application?
  • Why do you feel you are espeially well-suited to the job?


The résumé

The résumé (CV) is all about showing your qualification profile in an impressive manner. The guiding theme within the résumé is important. The résumé is not just a matter of listing previous achievements and roles. Instead, it offers you an additional platform for adding focal points and thus hithlighting professional skills.

The résumé should show the decision-maker what lies behind the job titles in detail. Give significance to the individual roles to make further research unnecessary.

Ensure there is a sensible structure. The résumé should be no longer than two pages. There are no clear-cut requirements with regard to the font and size. It should primarily be pleasant to read. Stick to the truth, as exaggerations and white lies are noticed at the latest in the job interview and are not a good sign for the employer. Personal details, such as nationality and parent´s job, are just as superfluous as political affiliation and religion. Thease are only sensible if you are applying wiwithin corresponding areas.

When representing your professional experience, list the most important tasks in kewords, provide information about your field of responsibility where applicable (number of employees, budget responsibility or power of attorney, etc.) or company (number of employees, sales, etc.). Website to generate CV´s free, e.g.   

Pay attention to special features when structuring résumés, e.g. in the academic field.     

The application photo

You are not longer oblieged to send a photo. However, make the most of the opportunity to make a positive impresson with a suitable application photo. Ensure you display a positive attitude and an impressive aura. Please do not use snapshots; be sure tu use a photo taken prefessionally by an expert. In the photo, wear clothing that you would wear in a job interview. 


Qualifications and job references are an important part of the application. A current résumé should always be enclosed, as well as the degree certificate for academics. It is easier to read your application if you e.g. list the references and certificates on the application cover sheet.

Letter of motivation (not essential, but optional )

A seperate letter of motivation is not essential! in this letter, you can highlight your strengths or aims separately. E.g. "My motivation, why I am applying or about myself, why me?" 

Qualification profile (not essential, but optional )

A qualification profile, also called the third sheet, shows the professional qualifications of an applicant as well as their personal development. A résumé does not always offer sufficieent space to adequately present the personal qualification profile due to its relatively rigid form. In a separate qualification profile, a stronger focus lies on particular merits, previous successes and professional aims. The provile should never exceed one page and is only worth recommending if it is a worthwhile complement to the résumé. You should avoid repetitions.     


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