International Second Supervisors

 As part of the “International Promovieren in Deutschland – for all” program promoted by the DAAD, the Bonn Graduate Center (BGC) is supporting the


Participation of international second supervisors
in thesis defenses or supervisory meetings
with doctoral researchers at the University of Bonn


The goal of the funding program is to support international doctorates at the University of Bonn and to strengthen international networks.

Who can apply?

Applications may be submitted by doctoral candidates in every department at the University of Bonn, together with their Bonn-based primary supervisor and a second supervisor from a foreign university.

People with German citizenship are not considered international visiting scholars.

What does the funding include?

Funding covers travel and accommodation expenses for the international second supervisor. Funding consists of a flat travel rate (based on the country of origin) and a flat accommodation rate of 96 euros per day.

Funding requires the second supervisor to participate in the doctoral candidate’s thesis defense or conduct an on-site supervisory in Bonn. The funded travel must take place in 2018 and cannot be granted for past vists.

How are applications submitted?

Applications need to be submitted electronically by 20 July 2018, via the application portal. 

Applications should include the following documents:

  • Letter from the doctoral candidate briefly describing (1) the doctoral project, (2) the reason for choosing the international second supervisor, and (3) the reason for the visit (1-2 pages); the letter also needs to be signed by the Bonn-based primary supervisor
  • Academic CV of the doctoral candidate1
  • Academic CV of the international second supervisor1

What selection criteria are applied?

The following criteria are evaluated: 

  • Explanation of the reason for involving the international second supervisor
  • The extent of the international second supervisor’s involvement in other research activities at the institute or department in Bonn
  • Completion of the doctoral project as part of a cotutelle process (joint doctorate)

The selection is made by an interdisciplinary selection committee. 


Please direct any questions concerning the funding program to:

Clara Kaminsky

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

Bonner Graduate Center

Tel. 0228 / 73-60140

E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]        



1Family responsibilities, parental leave, illness and further breaks are, of course, taken into account. Please explain possible interruptions in your application.


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