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Interactive, video-based E-Trainings hosted by the Pink University are available to all doctoral students of the University of Bonn. Trainings include topics such as agile skills, leadership, communication, methods, and health.

Please note that the trainings are not specifically designed for the academic sector.



Register now via our registration form!
Access to the trainings is provided by the Bonn Graduate Center - please do not contact Pink University directly.


Why E-Trainings?

Our E-Trainings are time-independent and can therefore be conducted flexibly and comfortably from home or on the road. The 45 - 120 minute training sessions are divided into short learning units of about 10 minutes each. Learning questions, exercises and interactive elements help you to deepen what you have learned. Different learning materials are available for download. At the end there is a final test. The training is only completed when you have completed all of the tasks.


Visit the Pink University website to get 7 tips for effective self-study* (German language).



Which E-Trainings are recognized within "Doctorate plus"?

To view the German-language E-Trainings, please switch to our German page.

Module 2: Developing Competences*

Module 4: Career Management*



You can find a complete overview of all available E-Trainings on the Pink University website* (mostly in german).


"Doctorate plus"

You will receive a confirmation of participation by e-mail when you have successfully completed an E-Training. The E-Trainings will be credited for the "Doctorate plus" certificate according to the length of the respective training.


What is important for registration?

Please note:

Please register via our registration form - NOT via Pink University!
Your registration process can last up to 2 business days. As soon your information has been processed, you will receive an e-mail with anonymised access data to your selected E-Training. Then you can start right away!
Note: Please understand that you cannot register for several E-Training courses at the same time. You can only register for a new traning once you have completed your ongoing course. You can also only complete a maximum of 5 E-Trainings per year.



Do you have any questions? You are welcome to contact us:

Bonn Graduate Center, [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


*please note that you are leaving the website of the University of Bonn.


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