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During Your Doctoral Studies


Supporting Your Success

Studying at the University of Bonn brings you to a new level of academic independence. Here, you’ll be part of an excellent research environment – while getting the support you need to succeed. The Bonn Graduate Center (BGC), part of the Argelander Competence Center, is ready to help. The extensive resources offered by the Argelander Program for Early-Career Researchers include:

Research Community

As a doctoral candidate at the University of Bonn, you’ve joined a cross-disciplinary community of researchers across dozens of partnership programs and the University’s seven faculties.

Doctoral Degrees in 2018 (based on doctoral statistics according to University Statstics Law):
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences: 262
  • Medicine: 192
  • Agriculture: 82
  • Arts: 77
  • Law and Economics: 42
  • Catholic Theology: 6
  • Protestant Theology: 3


Get personalized guidance from Argelander Competence Center staff.

After Your Doctorate

Thinking about where to go once you’ve finished your doctoral studies? Explore our options for postdoctoral researchers.

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