Writing Strategies, Time Management and Motivation

December 3 & 7, 2020, from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., Online course

Course content

 How to proceed with your PhD: Time management, writing process and strategies for PhD students.

• Having trouble staying motivated?
• Do you delay starting assignments?
• Feel like there's never enough time in your day?

This workshop will help you improve your time management during the PhD. We will analyze your daily routine and weekly structures – together we want to achieve manageable goals. In addition to scheduling strategies, we will also learn about writing strategies and writing behavior, both important characteristics keeping your pace during the PhD. The workshop will be given via ZOOM, an invitation will be forwarded via email.

 The workshop offers detailed insights to individual writing behaviour during your PhD. We analyze writing strategies and learn methods how to schedule writing time better in order to finish your tasks. We focus on daily writing routine and raise awareness of correlation of sucessful writing strategies, time management and motivation. Participants learn how to develop and install writing-, time- and self-management methods during their PhP in daily routine.
Target group
Doctoral candidates from all subject areas.
"Promotion Plus"
 10 units are applicable for this course within the „Promotion plus“ certificate.
Module 2: Developing Competences 
Course instructor
Dr. Alexandra Leipold
Please register your intererest in this workshop with your BIGS coordinator by September 15.


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