How to row the boat? - Leadership Skills

May 07 and 08, from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m., room Pegasus (0.003), Alte Sternwarte, Poppelsdorfer Allee 47, 53115 Bonn

Course content
Leadership has undergone changes in parallel with changes to our work environments. Flatter hierarchies, project work in a matrix structure and more rapid changes of assignments, locations and colleagues are some of the new challenges we all face. Interpersonal skills become ever more important when leading a team or a project: for motivation, conflict resolution or work delegation.

Depending on the wishes of the group, different aspects of this wide and highly important skill set will be emphasised. Examples for topics that are often requested:

  • Hire for quality! How to get the best team and not just clones of yourself.
  • Leading a diverse team: age, gender, cultural background… We´re all individuals and so are our teams. Can we find a leadership style that fits them all and is this even desirable?
  • Conflict management
    • Prevent conflicts by your lab set-up: communication and practicalities
    • Deescalate and resolve conflicts by mediation and through fair negotiations
    • Escalate professionally if necessary

The participants will choose the topics they would like to work on in advance.


Target group
Doctoral candidates from all subject areas.
"Promotion Plus"
16 units are applicable for this course within the „Promotion plus“ certificate.
Module 2: Developing Competences 
Course instructor
Please register your intererest in this workshop with your BIGS coordinator by March 08.


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