German Language Course A2.2

Tuesdays from 6:00 p.m. till 8:00 p.m., room 3.001, Lennéstr. 6, 53113 Bonn
Starting from April, 09 and ending on July, 09, 2019.
Course content

This course will enable learners to understand frequently used sentences and expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. basic personal and family information, employment, local geography). Participants will learn how to describe personal experiences and events; how to carry out a conversation with their doctoral adviser; how to apply for a room in a shared flat via e-mail; and how to obtain information via e-mail.


The following textbooks and workbooks are required:
"DaF kompakt neu" of Klett Verlag (level A2) for this class: "Kurs- und Übungsbuch mit MP3-CD' (ISBN: 978-3-12-676314-1)

If you are unsure which language course is suitable for you, we recommend following self-assesment:
Participants who complete the entire course will receive a certificate confirming their attendance at the end of the semester. Missing two lessons and one e-learning session will be excused.
Target group
Doctoral candidates from all subject areas.
Course instructor
Georgiana Buitan
Please register your interest for the workshops with your BIGS coordinator by March 08.
Please find the overview of all workshops offered in Doctorate plus BIGS here.


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