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Individual Doctoral Studies


Individual Doctoral Studies is the traditional path to a doctoral degree in Germany and offers exceptional freedom to explore your field while focusing your research on a specific area of interest. Doing an individual doctorate means working on your dissertation without being part of a structured program with compulsory qualification measures. At the University of Bonn, you can do your own doctorate in all faculties and are supervised by a doctoral supervisor. 

The University of Bonn offers a wide range of research fields, and any professor can serve as your doctoral advisor. Have a look at the numerous research topics covered in the university's seven faculties and contact a professor with your research proposal. You are welcome to consult the guidelines on how to write a research proposal provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

If he or she is willing to supervise your doctoral thesis, see our getting started page for the next steps.

Variety of Options

You will also benefit from extensive support services throughout your time with us, including our comprehensive Doctorate Plus program, which offers training in areas such as leadership and networking.

As an alternative to individual studies, we offer structured doctoral programs in a variety of fields.

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