Doctoral Data Management


In close collaboration with the faculties’ doctoral offices, the Bonn Graduate Center has been collecting data on all doctoral candidates based on the University Statistics Law since 2017. In addition to the ongoing data collection, we are working on implementing a registration software which will allow a quick and efficient collection and administration of the data. Hereby, the University of Bonn will gain a board overview of the doctoral student body and can develop customized orientation and training offers.


Doctoral students in Bonn in the year 2017 

6.113 doctoral students with an ongoing project (cut-off date Dec 1, 2017), about half of them being female and about one quarter international doctoral students.

  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences: 1.974
  • Arts: 1.960
  • Medicine: 1.059
  • Agriculture: 571
  • Law and Economics: 473
  • Protestant Theology: 39
  • Catholic Theology: 37

We regularly publish further key figures on the doctoral student body and keep you informed about news regarding the software in our newsletter Bonn Doctoral Bulletin


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Dr Alina Geiger
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