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2020 Internationalization Strategy

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Internationalization is a central element of the overall orientation and development plan at the University of Bonn. The goal is to maintain the current high level of internationality and to continue advancing the internationalization process.

The University of Bonn defines internationalization as a cross-sectional task that all of the University's units and members work on and participate in together. Thus, the goal is not selevtive internationalization, but a comprehensive strategic plan that is not just a collection of individual initiatives, but rather includes every part of the University of Bonn under aegis of the Rectorate.

2020 Internationalization Strategy

In the 2020 Internationalization Strategy, the University of Bonn has defined the following five main objectives:

  • The University of Bonn will further reinforce its global standing as a leading institution for research.
  • The University of Bonn will further internationalize its studies and teaching at a structural as well as at a content level.
  • The University of Bonn will establish strategic partnerships for research, studies and teaching.
  • The University of Bonn will sustainably strengthen the framework conditions for internationalization, and will anchor its internationality both culturally and structurally in the University’s central and decentralized units.
  • The University of Bonn will increasingly use its unique location advantage – Bonn is an international research city, a UN city and a sustainability hub – to benefit internationalization.

► Brochure: 2020 Internationalization Strategy

Guiding Principles 

In addition to the paramount 2020 Internationalization Strategy, the University of Bonn has adopted guiding princples on certain aspects of its internationalization.

Guiding principles: Internationality in Teaching

Guiding principles: Language policy at the University of Bonn

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