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Mapping of international research cooperations

The project “International Research Mapping” by the International Office at the University of Bonn aims at providing a systematic overview of international networking at the University of Bonn.  

As a first step, personal interviews are held with professors of the University of Bonn about individual international research cooperations and partnerships. Following this, and to ensure an appealing presentation of international activities, the information received is entered into a designated database, allowing for filtering per country or faculty. 

The project data is made available to requesters from within the University of Bonn (University leadership, Dean’s Offices, Institutes) and from national coordinating  units. Moreover, the data is of particular importance for visits to universities abroad aimed at establishing exchange agreements and accreditations.


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Mapping of international research cooperations
Project coordinator
Nusrat Khan
Project coordinator
Esther Schirrmacher
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