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Promoting International Collaboration and Building Profile at the University of Bonn

Objectives and funding lines

The expansion of global collaborations to advance the University of Bonn’s profile is an important part of its Excellence Strategy Central goals in this context are the systematic, continuing development of strategic partnerships (e.g. Networks 4, “Global Competence Centers”) and targeted funding of cooperation agreements with universities in the so-called Global South (e.g. Impact 3/“Cooperation in the Global south”).

To meet those goals, we are offering four funding lines to support the internationalization of Bonn’s researchers across all disciplines. The main aim of the funding is to promote the internationalization of high-profile research areas (transdisciplinary research areas). Due to the current events, the submission deadline for applications for all funding lines has been extended until June 15, 2020 (April 15, 2020). Selections will be made by mid-August 2020 by a selection committee headed by the Vice Rector for International Affairs. Each funding line has a different target group and scope.

Funding Line A: Bonn Global Collaboration Fund

Objective: Project grants

Brief description: Preparing international third-party funding proposals (for up to € 20,000 for travel expenses, events, etc.)

► Application details: Bonn Global Collaboration Fund

Funding Line B: Bonn International Fellowships

Objective: Individual funding

Brief description: Inviting excellent researchers from all areas of specialization to Bonn (for up to 12 days)

► Application details: Bonn International Fellowships

Funding Line C: Bonn SDG Fellowships

Objective: Individual funding

Brief description: Inviting scientists from the Global South for research on SDG-related topics (for periods of 3–12 months)

► Application details: Bonn SDG Fellowships

Funding Line D: Argelander Scholarships for doctoral candidates from universities of the Global South

Objective: Individual funding

Brief description: Research periods (3–12 months) for doctoral candidates from the Global South

► Application details: Argelander Scholarships


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